Reviews on "King of the Southern Diamond"

 I'm one of the Beta readers for Bradsher Hayes' new work, "King of the Southern Diamond." This is a enthralling non-fiction account of an untold story.  This book takes you back to the turn of the twentieth century,  a time and place we seldom travel to. It's story about love and baseball and some great adventures along the way.

Liz Bradshaw 

Bradsher Hayes' novel is a home run.  He tells a true story about one of the greatest College players to ever pitch and play the game.  Arthur Bradsher set twenty-one season and career pitching records at Trinity College/Duke University.  The book  clearly shows family and deep, long term relationships are the most important things in life when the record book is closed.

John Hanger.

I have played baseball with Bradsher Hayes since we were both seven years old.  We live in the same neighborhood and sixty years after we first played we still get together to throw the ball. During those visits I have enjoyed the passion he has for the game of baseball and the excitement he has for unveiling a riveting story to the reader.

Jack Norman

"King of "the Southern Diamond" is a book for all ages ,16-86, female and male readers. It teaches the high school and college athlete the right way to play and respect the game.  It deeply roots in our inner soul the importance of being a caring and attentive Grandparent.

Quentin Holden

I have one son married and two dating.  They have been good athletes in their high school and college careers. But it becomes a point in any man's life that its time to step away from the playing field and honor your wife and build a meaningful and trusting family.  I am buying five of Bradsher Hayes' books, three for my sons, one for my wife and one for myself.  Thanks for letting me be a Beta reader.

Walter Adams

The dear love story between Arthur Bradsher and Lizzie Muse that is portrayed so warmly in the "King of the Southern Diamond" made me smile.  It brought to mind and sequestered back to me the excitement of my first love affair in College. Intimately written from a full heart.

Lucy Wright


A true American hero. His exploits on the mound were unmatched for the time. The story is of great interest. Will Arthur choose baseball or his true love Lizzie. Read it and find out. 

Michael March

 "It is 3:30 in the afternoon and I'm sitting in the stands with the rabid fans of Trinity College watching their favorite son and pitcher extraordinaire, Arthur Bradsher, take the mound in the 7th inning. He was bringing a no hitter into the 7th. What made this so special was in the eight previous days, he had thrown two back to back no-hitters against rival teams. The excitement was unbelievable. All my senses were short circuiting. I couldn't stand it. He retired the side in the 7th by strike outs. But in the bottom of the 8th inning, I couldn't believe what I was seeing." This is how one will feel, and the emotional ride the author, Bradsher Hayes, will take you throughout the book. Whether the triumphs on the baseball field, or the love story between Arthur and the love of his life, Lizzie; you get to know all the characters as if you were there. This was such an easy read, I didn't want it to end. Don't miss this one. 

Mac Scarce 

Former Major League Baseball pitcher with the Philadelphia Phillies 

Member of Florida State University Sports Hall of Fame 

 Fantastic. Great read. An awesome insight to just how BIG college baseball was at the turn of the twentieth century...second, maybe, only to big boxing matches! A great life story that will teach you many lessons on the importance of family.

Brad Bradsher

" King of" the Southern Diamond" tells a compelling story that intertwines the baseball career of America’s best pitcher at the turn of the twentieth century and the intimate love story between Arthur Bradsher and Lizzie Muse. The author effectively weaves the story together which will draw both males and females to the readership. Thank you Bradsher Hayes for letting me be a Beta reader.

Paul Green

 Baseball historian Bradsher Hayes' "King of the Southern Diamond"  illuminates an era of baseball in the South which has been largely forgotten today. His extensive experience as a star college baseball player, scout, and youth coach allows him to create a reality to his narrative that would otherwise not be achievable. This was a time without electronic media and telegraph was more common than telephone.However, they did have the railroads and great newspapers; both of which Hayes uses to perfection in dramatizing the remarkable life of Arthur Bradsher. The section early in the book regarding the delayed train to Macon is a classic. This scene as do many others beg for a movie adaptation. 

Shelby White